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80 Kidnapped School-Girls Escape From Boko Haram In Borno
AJETUNMOBI SHERIFWednesday, April 16, 2014

80 Kidnapped School-Girls Escape From Boko Haram In Borno
About 80 students of the Government Girls’ Secondary School in Chibok Local Government Area of Borno State, abducted by the Boko Haram insurgents on Monday were reportedly rescued on Tuesday and Wednesday morning by a group of vigilante, local hunters and soldiers.

The joint security team pursued the insurgents in search of about 100 girls they abducted.

DailyPost gathered that the insurgents, who were carrying the school girls in Tipper Lories, got stuck in the bush while they were trying to crossover some muddy area between Chibok and Askira/Uba.

According to the father of one of the rescued girls Malam Ali Iliya, the girl said when the trailer got stuck, some of the girls jumped out and ran for their lives.

“They were scattered in the bush when the vigilante and local hunters found them. Some of them were wounded, some were with fracture, which I believe was as a result of jumping from the high vehicle, but we are happy that our children have been rescued.

“Now we are praying for those who are still with the Boko Haram; our prayer is that every father will have his child back”, he said.

He added that his daughter Hajara was sound and healthy but weak stressing that “our children told us that when they started running, the insurgents didn’t shoot them.

“They allowed those who could run to go but those who could not run either as a result of fear or wound are still with them in the bush. My daughter said the abductors were over one hundred and that the girls were 243; she said the insurgents asked them to count themselves”.

Source : Dailypost

Photo : President Goodluck Jonathan Blasting Away On The "Kukere" Dance Floor In Kano

President Goodluck Jonathan Blasting Away On The "Kukere" Dance Floor In Kano
Jonathan dancing at campaign rally while nation mourns bomb blast victims.

“Over 200 people were killed by Boko Haram insurgents. Less than 24 hours later, the president was in Kano on political mission. 

Photos : Man jailed for for cutting off puppy's tail with a knife

Man jailed for 3 months for cutting off puppy's tail with a knife
 A man has been jailed for cutting off an eight-week-old puppy's tail and leaving it to suffer "excruciating pain".

The Jack Russell was left in agony when 24-year-old Walter Doe used a sharp tool to remove its tail two inches from its base.

The RSPCA removed the black and white puppy, called Jack, from Doe's care last July following a report of concern for the animal's welfare.

They found Jack with a bandage around his tail and in obvious pain.

The puppy was taken to a vet who removed the bandage and found a very raw wound, about two inches from the tail base, with the rest of the tail removed.

She added: "The vet said it was a very clean-cut wound and must have been made with a sharp tool."

Doe, of Campbell Close, Uckfield, East Sussex, was sentenced at Hastings Magistrates' Court on Monday to 12 weeks imprisonment for causing unnecessary suffering to the puppy and failing to seek veterinary treatment for his open wound.

He was also banned from keeping all animals for 10 years.

UK Mirror

The position you sleep in with your partner reveals the strength of your relationship

The position you sleep in with your partner reveals the strength of your relationship
New research shows that the position in which we sleep is highly revealing about the strength of our relationships.

The key is the distance between couples, according to a study of 1,100 people.

Partners who sleep less than an inch apart are far more likely to be happy together than those maintaining a gap wider than 30 inches, the researchers found.

And couples who spend the night making physical contact are happier than those who do not touch.

The research, published today at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, expands on work by psychiatrist Samuel Dunkell.

He found people who lie curled up in the ‘full foetal’ position are likely to be indecisive, anxious and sensitive to criticism.

Those who sleep in a ‘semi-foetal’ position, with their knees drawn up, are conciliatory, amenable to compromise, and unlikely to take extreme stances, he said.

People who sleep in the ‘royal’ position – flat on their back – tend to be confident, open, expansive, and sensation-seeking.

And those who lie ‘prone’ on their face show a tendency for rigidity and perfectionism.

The study found that 42 per cent of couples sleep back to back, 31 per cent face the same direction and just 4 per cent face one another.

Around 34 per cent sleep touching and 12 per cent spend the night less than an inch apart, while 2 per cent are separated by more than 30 inches.

Of those who fall asleep touching, couples tend to be happier if they are face-to-face than if they ‘spoon’ their partners, facing the same direction, or if they face in opposite directions.

Of those who do not touch, the largest number of happy couples face the same direction – above those who sleep back to back or facing each other.

University of Hertfordshire  psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman, who led the study, said: ‘Ninety four per cent of couples who spent the night in contact with one another were happy with their relationship, compared to just 68 per cent of those that didn’t touch.

‘This is the first survey to examine couples’ sleeping positions, and the results allow people to gain an insight into someone’s personality and relationship.’

The study found 86 per cent of couples who slept less than an inch apart felt happy in their relationship, compared with 66 per cent of those who slept more than 30 inches apart.

The latest results are part  of Professor Wiseman’s wider research on sleep and dreaming. He is using Dr Dunkell’s ideas to examine the ways people relate to each other in their sleep.

His initial findings suggest that people who sleep very close to their partners are more likely to be extroverts.

He has written a book, Night School, about his work.

Professor Wiseman said: ‘Thirty four per cent of people said they slept touching, but this rose to 45 per cent among extroverts.’


Nigeria could still play Croatia

super eagles
The president of the Nigeria Football Federation, Aminu Maigari, confirms that there could still be an international friendly between the Super Eagles and Croatia before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil kicks-off in June.

In a chat with, Maigari said the NFF are still communicating with the Croatia FA over the possibility of the friendly happening.

"We are in touch with the Croatian federation, we had fixed a date sometimes ago to really see how we could further develop that relationship by even playing a friendly, either in Croatia or England or even in Nigeria," Maigari said.

"But some things cropped up and the game was cancelled at that point in time, but we are still looking forward to a fresh date from the Croatians. So, as soon as the date is fixed we would make it public," he added.

Nigeria have friendly internationals against Greece, Scotland and USA ahead of June’s world showpiece.

Photos : Leonardo DiCaprio Kisses 21-year-old Girlfriend As She Goes Braless On The Beach

Leonardo DiCaprio Kisses 21-year-old Girlfriend As She Goes Braless On The Beach 
 Leonardo DiCaprio’s and his Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend Toni Garrn were seen kissing on the beach in Bora Bora on Friday last week…

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Photos from Joseph and Adaeze Yobo's son's birthday party

 Photos from Joseph and Adaeze Yobo's son's birthday party

Football star Joseph Yobo and his wife, Adaeze Yobo, put together a spider-man themed party for their son, Joey, who turned four recently at their base in Turkey.

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Shocking Photo : Thief swallows six watches,lighters,spoon,fork & nail clippers to hide evidence

 A thief swallowed six watches,cigarette lighters,spoon,fork, a pen, & nail clippers after burgling a house in Poland.

Dariusz Piotrowski who was caught fleeing the scene was then taken into custody when he started complaining of severe stomach pains..

A  police surgeon was called and after an X-ray,they were shocked to see all the items in his stomach.

He was then operated for several hours with all the items placed on a surgical table for display.

He claimed he had been able to swallow unusual objects all his life which has aided in his crime.

See photo below:

Thief swallows six watches,lighters,spoon,fork & nail clippers to hide evidence

300 missing and two dead after South Korean ferry capsizes

300 missing and two dead after South Korean ferry capsizes
The boat, whose 470 passengers included hundreds of high school children, has sunk off the south coast of the Korean peninsula

A huge rescue operation is underway after a ferry carrying 475 passengers and 150 vehicles capsized and sunk off the coast of South Korea this morning.

Two people have so far been found dead after the boat, identified as the Sewol, sunk off the southwest coast.

The South Korean coastguard said this morning 164 people have been rescued from the vessel, but more than 300 passengers are thought to remain unaccounted for.

However, earlier reports suggested more than 360 people had been taken to safety, including 338 students and teachers.

We'll be bringing you live updates on the rescue operation here as it unfolds.

The ferry was carrying passengers en route to Jeju island, which is about 100 km (60 miles) south of the Korean peninsula, when it began to list badly and sent out a distress signal.

Reports say there was a loud impact and noise before the ferry started sinking, according to a passenger who had been rescued from the vessel.

An official from the Danwon High School in Ansan, in the capital Seoul, said all its pupils had been taken to safety, but this was not confirmed by the coastguard. They had been on a field trip to Jeju.

Part of South Korean passenger ship "Sewol" that has been sinking is seen as South Korean maritime policemen search for passengers in the sea off Jindo
34 ships and 18 helicopters are involved in the rescue mission this morning.

Helicopters and life boats are on their way to the stricken vessel in the hope of helping survivors.

The South Korean Government is reported to have said 95% of the ship is now submerged under water.

The American Navy has sent a ship to join the search-and-rescue operation for the 300 passengers missing after the ferry sinking.

The US Seventh Fleet said the amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard, which has helicopters on board, was on a routine patrol off South Korea’s west coast and was on its way to the scene of the accident.

This image above shows some of the life boats and rescue vessels heading towards the ferry.

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UK NGO Blasts Okonjo-Iweala For Protecting Corruption In Nigeria; Calls On Her To Resign

By Saharareporters,

The Corner House, a United Kingdom non-governmental organization, has urged Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Nigeria’s Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister, to resign her appointment if she finds herself unable to carry out her duties without fear or favour.

The call is contained in an explosive letter dated April 12, and signed by Nicholas Hildyard, a Co-Director of The Corner House.  In it, the group expressed the position that the Minister should simply have declared that she was afraid of the reactions of her cabinet colleagues should she take the appropriate action demanded of her office.

Mr. Hildyard was writing in response to the Minister’s response to the NGO’s third letter requesting her intervention to secure for Nigeria some funds being held by UK courts arising from the controversial sale of OPL 245 oil field by Malabu Oil and Gas to Shell and Eni.

To the Minister’s claim that the group’s request was made at unfeasibly short notice since a ruling on the case that had led to the funds being held by the UK courts was imminent, he reminded her that  The Corner House first made its request to her in May 2013, to be followed by a second request in September.

“You have therefore had almost a year to act and any suggestion to the contrary is simply risible,” he said.

“You also suggest that it was up to us to take action i n the courts to secure the funds. If this is indeed your position, we are gobsmacked,” he stated.

“Non-governmental Organizations are not part of government and cannot intervene to secure funds that belong to governments.  They can (as we have done) alert government officials to their duty to act in a case such as this, but they cannot initiate such action. You are the Minister responsible, in your own words, for getting ‘any and all money that belongs to the Federation Account and to root out any fraud that may be there.’  And it was therefore for you to use the powers vested in you by the Nigerian people to secure the funds on their behalf.  Instead, you chose not to act.”

The Corner House then told the Minister she should simply have confessed she was afraid of her cabinet colleagues, pointing out that her attitude stands in sharp contrast to the commendable actions of ousted Central Bank Governor Lamido Sanusi who fearlessly raised concerns about the non-repatriation of funds to the Federation Account.

“We are aware that it has been alleged in a UK court that the Attorney General has a corrupt interest in OPL 245 and that the deal is now subject to police investigations in Nigeria and internationally.  But Ministers are obliged to carry out their duties without fear or favour.  Where this is not possible, the option is always open to resign; indeed remaining in post arguably only serves to reinforce what must be challenged.”

An interesting element of Mr. Hildyard’s letter relates to Dotun Oloko, a colleague of his at The Corner House about whom Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala apparently made some unflattering remarks.

In an open letter to the Minister on March 27, 2014, entitled “It Is Too Late,” Mr. Oloko had alleged that Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala had referred to him as “scurrilous” and “underhanded” for his efforts concerning OPL 245, saying he had tried to make use of an online journal she described as “a disreputable, corrupt and fraudulent online paper to make uninformed remarks about [her] and level false allegations.”

“I can assure you that we shall be providing a substantive response to your letter in due course and it is too late to embellish your blighted veneer,” Mr. Oloko shot back.  “The days when corrupt public officials like you, can stand up and say whatever they like in the misguided belief that Nigerians and the wider public will just lap it all up like they used to are coming to an end.”

Two months earlier, on January 7, against the background of the grievous allegations made by in a famous open letter by Nigeria’s former President, Olusegun Obasanjo to President Goodluck Jonathan, he had written another letter to the Minister entitled “Before It Is Too Late.”  In it, Mr. Oloko recalled that during an exchange of correspondence with Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala, she had expressed some views and opinions he believed should be made public in the wake of that dispute.

“I must therefore call on you to do your duty to God and our country and act on those views and opinions, before it is too late,” he pleaded.

In the strongly-worded letter, Mr. Hildyard alluded to that background, but declined to engage with the Minister about what he called the “unsubstantiated and frankly absurd assertions you make against our colleague Dotun Oloko (whom you single out for a particularly  ill-formed ad hominem attack), save to say that his integrity needs no defence.”

Kim Kardashian warns Khloe to be careful with French Montana

French Montana and Khloe
Since Khloe has been stepping out with French rapper, French Montana, fans haven't been happy.

They feel he is using her to get famous.Also, his ex-wife accused him of walking out on her and their child after he became famous.He is also rapper Trina's live-in lover who is hurt to see him parading the streets with Khloe..Now, Radaronline reports Kim isn't happy about it....

“Kim is telling Khloe that she should be really careful with French after everything she just went through with Lamar,”He’s got a lot of family drama that Khloe could get dragged into and Kim doesn’t want her to have a difficult romance this time.Kim has said that Kanye doesn’t have any family problems or past relationships that hold him back from completely loving her and so that’s what she wants for Khloe. She wants to see her sister happy and she’s worried that French isn’t going to be able to fully commit to her sister.

But the comparison irritates Khloe.Kim just hasn’t been as supportive as Khloe would have liked. She’s telling her to take things slowly and saying that French might not be the one for her"
Lamar's ex who has 2 kids for him also accused Khloe of snatching him.

Also, Rapper The Game started hanging out with her as soon as he had problems with his fiancée & baby mama..

Photo : Gangsters R*ape,kill 18 year old seexx-worker in Lagos

Oluwatosin Ami.
Police have apprehended two gangsters for allegedly r*ping and killing an 18-year-old commercial s*x worker, Oluwatosin Ami.

The suspects, John-Paul Chukwuebuka, 19; and Ebuka Chimudi, 22; belonged to a gang which specialised in luring young ladies to hotels with the aim of dispossessing them of their belongings and r*ping them.

According to police authorities, on April 10, 2013, two members of the gang posed as customers and visited the Happy Day Hotel, Orile.Oluwatosin was approached by the suspects and she took them into her room at the hotel which she secured at the cost of N3, 500 per day.

The suspects were said to have overpowered Oluwatosin and stuffed a cloth in her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

She was also bound by the hands, while the suspects took turns in r*ping her.Afterwards, the suspects were said to have stolen her phone and money before locking her inside the room.The suspects were also said to have taken the key of the room and tossed it into a canal.

A relative of the deceased said the following morning, when the hotel attendants wanted to clean the hotel rooms, they knocked on the door of the room where Oluwatosin was, but there was no response.

It was learnt that the  attendants then used a spare key to open the door and the corpse of Oluwatosin was found.Her father, Babatunde, told PUNCH Metro that the matter was reported at the Orile Police Station and his daughter’s corpse was taken to the Mainland Hospital, Yaba.

Babatunde said he had no idea that his daughter was a commercial s*x worker.He said the family had been looking for her since December last year and had reported her missing at the Adeniji Adele Police Division on the Lagos Island.

He said,
 “My daughter was in JSS3 in 2012 when she dropped out of school. She said she wanted to be a sales girl and we got a job for her, but she did not stay there. Suddenly, in December last year, she left the house and did not return home.Her mother and I called her on the telephone several times, but she would say she was fine and putting up in a friend’s place. She used to visit her grandmother, but in January, she stopped picking calls.All attempts to get her proved abortive. We did not hear anything from her until we received a telephone call a few days ago, saying her corpse had been found in a hotel.”

The mother of the deceased, Muibat, lamented that Oluwatosin was her third child that would die within five years.She said the deceased was her first born and she had only two children remaining.She said she did her best as a parent and wondered why her daughter chose such a lifestyle

Boko Haram’s corpses should be given to pigs - Oritsejafor

Ayoo Oritsejafor …. CAN president
“As far as I am concerned, the perpetrators are not human beings.”

The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Ayo Oritsejafor, has condemned Monday’s bomb explosion in Abuja. He said the perpetrators are not human beings and their corpses should be given to pigs when they die.

Over 70 people were killed in a bomb blast at a crowded motor park in Nyanya, on the outskirts of Abuja on Monday morning. Many more were injured in the attack.

“This is very inhumane, ungodly and barbaric. I don’t even have the adjectives to describe what these mad people have done,” Mr. Oritsejafor said in a statement on Tuesday.

“As far as I am concerned, the perpetrators are not human beings and in my own opinion, when they finally die their corpses should be given to pigs because they are on the same level with pigs,” he said.

Sympathising with families who lost their loved ones in the attack, Mr. Oritsejafor called on security agencies to fish out their colleagues who could be sabotaging their efforts.

“There are people within the security agencies that sympathize with this madness. As they discover them, they should be exposed and dismissed from the service,” he added.

The cleric also condemned anyone providing funds for the terrorist.

“As the judgment of God comes upon them (the terrorists), the judgment of God will also come on those who are sponsoring them,” he said. “Anybody who has given N1:00 (One Naira) to these people, whether they are local people or foreign financiers, the same judgment will come upon them and their children. They will not escape it. So those are my words.”


Photo : 19-yr-old Pakistani nabbed with N228million heroin at Lagos Airport

Iftikihar Muhammed Arslan
LAGOS — A 19‑year‑old Pakistani, Iftikihar Muhammed Arslan, has been arrested by operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, for attempting to smuggle 25 parcels of heroin into the country.

The suspect, who claimed to be a student of Punjab College in Pakistan, was  apprehended at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos,  by the operatives when the illicit drug was discovered in his  luggage during inward screening of passengers on board a Qatar airline flight.

Vanguard gathered that seized drugs weighing 25.400kg, have an  estimated street value of  N228 million.

Preliminary investigation has shown that the suspect left Lahore, Pakistan with the drugs to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, then Doha, in Qatar, from where he connected to Lagos. He is believed to be working for a Pakistani drug cartel.

Spokesman of the agency, Mr Mitchell Ofoyeju, who described the incident as the  single largest seizure  of heroin at the Lagos airport since January, said the  NDLEA commander at the Lagos Airport, Mr. Hamza Umar, found  the 25 parcels of brownish substance that tested positive for heroin hidden in a smaller bag inside the suspect’s luggage.

Ofoyeju said the suspect was cooperating with the agency’s team of investigators.

Meantime, Arslan, who speaks English fluently, confessed how he got the drugs.

According to him, “I am a student of Punjab College and I am in Nigeria as a tourist because my friend told me that Victoria Island and Ikoyi are beautiful tourist centres. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the Lagos airport, the heroin was found in my luggage. This is my first time of coming to Nigeria and I had intended to spend a week or two.”

In his reaction, Chairman/Chief Executive of NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade, who expressed delight over the arrest, said Nigeria was winning the fight against narcotics.

He said: “This arrest and seizure will further send a warning to drug trafficking cartels that Nigeria is winning the fight against narcotics. NDLEA is prepared to halt the criminal activities of drug barons through a coordinated drug detection strategies. We are working very hard to also identify other members of the criminal group.”

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Nigeria : States back removal of oil subsidy
AJETUNMOBI SHERIFTuesday, April 15, 2014

NNPC Headquarter...Abuja
The Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) in Abuja on Tuesday took a decision to remove petroleum subsidy in the country. The Chairman of Finance Commissioners Forum, Mr Timothy Odah, said this when he briefed newsmen on the outcome of the FAAC meeting for the month of March in Abuja.

Odah said at their last meeting, a committee consisting of six Accountants-General of states and six state Commissioners for Finance was set up to conduct investigations and present a report on the impact of the subsidy in the country so far.

“FAAC in its plenary session finally took a decision that petroleum subsidy should be entirely removed. Because from what was discovered, the subsidy is more or less a solution worse than the problem it is meant to solve.

“Therefore, we are of the firm decision that it will be better for states to access their funds and grant subsidy in their respective capacity.

“Our position will be submitted to the Presidency,’’ he said. He did not indicate when this will be done.
Odah cautioned organised labour to be careful in its refusal to rally for the removal of the oil subsidy programme.

He alleged that that most of them were against the removal because they were on the payroll of oil marketers in the country.

The Accountant-General of the Federation (AGF), Mr Jonah Otunla, said N641.4 billion was shared among the Federal Government, states and local governments as revenue for the month of March.

“The distributable statutory revenue for the month is N534.91billion, which is more than the N531.33 billion that was shared for the month of February .

“Also distributed is the sum of N7.62 billion refunded by the NNPC to be shared to states and local governments.

In addition, the sum of N35.55 billion is proposed for distribution under the SURE-P programme.
“So, the total revenue distributable for the current month, including Value Added Tax (VAT) of N63.31 billion is N641.38 billion,’’ he said.

A breakdown of the distribution showed that the Federal Government received N249.1 billion representing 52.7 per cent; states, N126.34 billion, representing 26.7 per cent, while local governments received N97.4 billion, amounting to 20.6 per cent.

Otunla added that N57.3 billion, representing 13 per cent derivation revenue was shared among the oil producing states.

On VAT, he said that the gross revenue collected in March was N63.31 billion as against N66.8 billion distributed in February, representing a decrease of N3.49 billion.

He said that the mineral revenue collected for March was N519.99 billion, less than the N569.14 billion realised in February making a difference of N49.15 billion.

The AGF said that non-mineral revenue collected during the period under review was N94.37 billion.
The figure, he said, showed reduction of N3.24billion from the N97.61 billion that was collected in February.

Otunla said that N79.45 billion was transferred to the nation’s Excess Crude Account.

He said that oil revenue for March had declined compared to the previous month.

Otunla attributed the decline to production shut-in at Qua Iboe Terminal, shut down of Forcados and oil theft and some repair works on pipeline leaks at Bonny and Brass Terminals.

On other matters, Otunla said the work plan for the implementation of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) in government agencies was discussed

Pm News

Pictured : Surgeon Accidentally Removes a Woman's Ovary Instead of an Appendix

32 year old Maria De Jesus
 A pregnant woman with appendicitis died after a bungling trainee surgeon mistakenly removed one of her healthy ovaries.

32 year old Maria De Jesus, underwent the botched operation at Queen's Hospital, Romford, Essex, after she was admitted with abdominal pains in October 2011.

She died 19 days later after suffering a miscarriage as an inexperienced medic Dr Yahya Al-Abed admitted he made a number of errors during the procedure, including removing her right ovary instead of her appendix.  

Maria De Jesus, miscarried her baby days before she died of multiple organ failure. She was suffering from appendicitis but unsupervised trainee surgeons removed one of her ovaries by mistake.    

Senior surgical consultant, Dr Babatunde Coker, is accused of failing in his role by not attending theatre to carry out the surgery himself or supervising the registrar. Mrs De Jesus, who was 21-weeks pregnant, was discharged ten days after the October 23 operation, but returned to the Romford hospital on November 7, still in serious pain.    

The mother-of-three gave birth to a still-born boy and died on the operating table on November 10 following a second operation to remove her appendix, the tribunal heard.

Both doctors are facing fitness to practise proceedings at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester, where they could face being struck off.

The General Medical Council, represented by Peter Horgan, say the doctors' treatment of Mrs De Jesus, who is referred to as Patient A at the hearing, amounted to misconduct.

Dr Yahya Al-Abed 
Dr Yahya Al-Abed, pictured above, was a fifth-year trainee, had only been at the hospital for three weeks Opening the case today Mr Horgan told the panel Mrs De Jesus was admitted to hospital with severe abdominal pain on October 21, 2011, and was diagnosed with appendicitis two days later.

Trainee surgeon Christopher Liao, who had been working at the hospital for less than three weeks, decided she needed her appendix removed and Mr Coker agreed.

The consultant was told Mr Al-Abed, a fifth-year trainee, who had also only been at the hospital for three weeks, was performing emergency operations and she was added to his list.

There were a number of other staff present in the theatre on Sunday October 23, including a young doctor 'keen to get some experience', Osman Chaudhary. Mr Chaudhary was allowed to make the first incision, but when complications arose Mr Al-Abed took over. 'Patient A had begun to bleed quite heavily. Something was not right,' Mr Horgan said. 'In the midst of this, Mr Al-Abed removed what he clearly believed to be the appendix.

He thought he found it, removed it and gave to a nurse what later turned out to be Patient A's ovary.' A colleague later reported that the medic 'appeared reluctant to call for help' and Mr Coker was never called. He had been in the coffee room while the operation took place and received no information it was underway. 'He had lunch, then went home and didn't become aware until Monday,' said Mr Horgan.

'Thereafter Patient A remained in hospital until she was discharged on October 31. She returned to hospital and was readmitted on November 7 suffering abdominal pains. 'On November 9 it was discovered by another doctor that in fact the histology report showed an ovary had been removed and not the appendix. 'Tragically on November 11 Patient A gave birth to a still-born male baby.' Mrs De Jesus was again consented to go under the knife and this time her appendix was removed by Mr Liao.

'But sadly later that afternoon Patient A died whilst on the operating table,' Mr Horgan said.' The post-mortem concluded she had died of multiple organ failure brought on by septicemia, the panel heard.

The Case is still being deliberated in court.

Photo : Governor Kwankwaso & officials sweep President Jonathan out of Kano

Governor Kwankwaso & officials sweep President Jonathan out of Kano
According to Sahara Reporters, this picture shows Kano State governor, Rabiu Kwankaso and some of his officials sweeping off President Jonathan's feet from the venue of the PDP rally that held this morning in the state. 

Apostle Helen Ukpabio gets Labelled as a ‘Witch Hunter', Critics Call for her to be Banned from the UK

Apostle Helen Ukpabio 
According to a report on IndependentUK, the Home Secretary Theresa May is being urged to ban Nigerian Apostle Helen Ukpabio, who claims to have been betrothed to Satan as a teenager before being rescued from a cult at the age of 17, from the UK because she poses risk to children.

Their report below:
The Home Secretary Theresa May is being urged to step in to prevent a Nigerian “witch hunter” returning to the UK after she flew in to preach to congregations in London.

“Lady Apostle” Helen Ukpabio, founder of the controversial Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries, is believed to still be in the capital after addressing three gatherings last week.

The born-again Christian Pentecostal preacher claims to have been betrothed to Satan as
a teenager before being rescued from a cult at the age of 17. She now specialises in liberating captives in “deliverance sessions” that critics claim are little more than crude exorcisms.

Among her advice to parents is the suggestion: “If a child under the age of two screams in the night, cries and is always feverish with deteriorating health, he or she is a servant of Satan.” Campaigners say such beliefs, prevalent in some parts of the developing world, can put children’s safety at risk. They have written to Ms May to urge that the pastor be banned from the UK after the current tour.

In the letter, the Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network (WHRIN), the Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales and the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) cite the cases of Victoria Climbié and Kristy Bamu as examples where witchcraft beliefs played a role in the  horrific torture and murder of children.

Whilst the Government has moved swiftly to block entry to the UK for Islamic preachers whose presence is considered as harmful to the public good, there have been no cases of Christian pastors facing such measures,” the letter said.

Ms Ukpabio cancelled her first service in south-east London last week after the location was leaked.

She is understood to have made three other appearances, including one at a private home. Around a dozen people attended each event which offered help to those “under attack” from witchcraft, ancestral or “mermaid” spirits.

Bob Churchill, of the IHEU, said: “It is important that the UK authorities send a message to the world that branding children, or anyone, as a witch is beyond the pale.”

Ms Ukpabio founded the church in 1992 in Calabar, Nigeria. It now claims to have 150 branches worldwide. Gary Foxcroft, of the WHRIN, who has worked extensively in documenting examples of witchcraft abuse, said Ms Ukpabio was one of a number of preachers who regularly travelled to the UK. “The fundamental problem is that churches need to be regulated. Anyone can set up a church tomorrow in their own garden shed with no commitment to child protection or making their accounts transparent or any theological training.”

Brandy & Fiancée Ryan Press breakup; Call off Engagement

Brandy & Fiancée Ryan Press
After getting engaged in Dec 2012,Brandy and Ryan Press have called off their engagement.According to her Rep.

"They are no longer together. The engagement is off, but the friendship is still on.They decided to take a step back and reevaluate the relationship.

They were engaged for 1 year,5 months.

Tiwa Savage shares new photos

Tiwa Savage
 Tiwa Savage gorgeous in new photos...Photos below:

'I am the king of R&B in Nigeria' - Darey Art Alade declares

Banky W and Darey
Award winning artiste Darey Art Alade said in a recent interview with Encomium mag that he is the king of RnB music in Nigeria and not Banky W.

When asked if he feels any competition between himself and Banky W knowing that they are both called Nigeria's king of RnB, Darey replied;

"There is only one king of RnB. I have never heard anybody being called king of RnB except me. I have never heard anybody call him (Banky W) king of RnB except if you think he is one. But the truth is, there is only one king, and you know who the king is. If you doubt it, my new material will settle the scores. Although it has taken sometime, I am very happy the work is coming out soon" he told the magazine.

Darey also spoke on the increased rate of artiste/management face off and revealed plans of acquiring a radio station.

On artiste/management face off, Darey said;
"The truth of the matter is everybody has a role to play and they have a portion of the blame. The label invests something, I don't want to say much. For every investment you want to make a return. This is where the artiste doesn't understand. In the beginning, they gave you a house, a car, and you think you are talented, and come to think of it, you don't even have anything in the market. Whatever they gave you was based on potential, the initial agreement that if I give you this, you will give me that in return. Some artistes don't have agreement, everything is sealed at a bar. As you drink, you signed without realizing what you are signing. Some of them are illiterates, some pretend to know what the business is all about, but they don't. Some of them get carried away by the glitz and glamour of it, signed without knowing what the agreement stipulates. When they default, they start blaming the label, saying all sorts of things. But most of us don't find out what was the agreement before going to the press and write. On the other side, the label may have been obligated to do certain things but they did not do it and the artiste will complain. These are the issues" he said

On how to resolve these issues, Darey said;
"I think both sides should have respect for agreement. There shouldn't be issues if both sides respect agreement they made. For instance, when I left Questionmark, nobody heard that I fought anybody till tomorrow. Yes we had disagreement, it wasn't a rosy ending but till date they are still my friends, we work together. So maturity is needed to handle such situation".

Darey also spoke on his plans to own a radio station
"I will love to own a radio station. I have already started making inquiries and plans on that feasibility. I am a radio person, I have worked on radio, and it was really fun. Since then I felt it is good if I can achieve this by running a radio station. After all, it will provide jobs for people, encourage creativity and improve entertainment. I don't know the format of the station yet but let me get the license first" he said.

Photos : Construction worker loses half his skull after smashing his head on concrete

Elvis Romeo Lingurar, 24 
 A Romanian man has been walking around with half-a-head for the past year after his skull was crushed in a work accident.

Construction worker Elvis Romeo Lingurar, 24 was working on a demolition site when he lost his balance and fell off scaffolding, smashing his head on the concrete below.

The impact of the six foot fall shattered Elvis' skull on his left side, and doctors were forced to remove the bone in order to save his life.

Mr Lingurar, from Livada, north-west Romania spent several days in a coma where doctors battled to save his life.

How Mr Lingurar looked before the accident
 However, in the daze following the coma, he did not realise the extent of his injuries until he removed the bandages upon leaving the hospital a fortnight later.

Without the left-hand side of his skull, Mr Lingurar's brain is protected by only a thin layer of skin, leaving him unable to work as the slightest knock to his head could prove fatal.

Mr Lingurar could undergo surgery to have the missing part of his skull replaced with a prosthetic, but he is unable to afford the £900 procedure.

Journalist Alex Prunean, 25, filmed an interview with Mr Lingurar in a bid to highlight his plight.

He said: ‘The accident happened a year ago and left Elvis in an extremely serious condition, he spent several days in a coma at the Clinic of Neurosurgery in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

‘His skull was seriously broken, his head bruised and he had to undergo surgery after he formed a blood clot on the brain, but miraculously, he recovered.

‘If doctors hadn't removed half of his skull, he would have died. The piece of skull that is missing can be replaced with a prosthetic, but the man is poor and cannot afford this.

‘Elvis called and asked for my help as he hopes if people hear his story they may be able to help.’


Kano Rally : President Jonathan attacks Kwakwanso, accuses governor of improper use of government funds

jonathan and kwakwanso
Mr. Jonathan said the Kano government under Mr. Kwakwanso has received over N255 billion as local government funds since 2011.

President Goodluck Jonathan, Tuesday, accused the Kano State Governor, Rabiu Kwakwanso, of improper use of the state’s local government funds since assuming office.

The president made the accusation during the rally to officially welcome Ibrahim Shekarau, a former Kano governor, to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Mr. Shekarau decamped to the PDP from the All Progressives Congress, APC, in January after the incumbent joined the latter from the PDP late last year.

Speaking at the rally, Mr. Jonathan said the Kano government under Mr. Kwakwanso has received over N255 billion as local government funds since 2011. He asked the 44 council chairmen in Kano to challenge the governor on what he has done with the funds.

The president also said that contrary to Kano governor’s claim, Mr. Kwakwanso did not support him in the 2011 presidential primaries of the PDP.

The governor recently said he regretted ever supporting the president during the primaries and for the 2011 elections. He said he would not receive the president when he arrived Kano because of Mr. Jonathan’s poor performance as president.

In his reaction at the rally, Mr. Jonathan said Mr. Kwakwanso did not vote for him at the PDP presidential primaries.

He said when it became clear to everybody that Mr. Jonathan would win the primaries, held at the Eagles Square, Abuja, Mr. Kwankwaso left the venue midway to the elections.

“How can he therefore say he elected me,” Mr. Jonathan said.

The president also accused Mr. Kwakwanso of refusing to release money provided for Kano delegates’ refreshment.

Mr. Jonathan, who did not make any reference to 2011 general elections, said that Mr. Kwankwaso did not also give Kano PDP delegates monies provided for them as allowance to facilitate their movement to the venue of the primaries.

While speaking on the federal government’s plan for Kano, Mr. Jonathan said the federal government was committed to agriculture and that groundnut pyramids would soon return to the state.

In his speech, Mr. Shekarau called on President Jonathan to do something about the lingering poverty in the state.

He urged him to help the people of the state by revamping the irrigation and Fadama farming, saying, this would create employment opportunities to the residents

Mr. Shekarau assured the president that if he does this, PDP would get massive votes from residents of the state in 2015.


Lawmakers, workers, flee over National Assembly bomb scare

Lawmakers, workers, flee over National Assembly bomb scare
There was a bomb scare this afternoon at the National Assembly, which had lawmakers, Assembly staff, and bank workers in the premises all closing abruptly and hurriedly leaving the premises.

The bomb scare which happened at about 2pm today according to reports, started when security operatives attached to the National Assembly acted on complains by some legislative aides and workers about some suspicious movement by some individuals with questionable character in the premises.

The security men immediately drafted men of the Police and Nigeria Civil Defence Corp to the entrance of the complex. This action fueled fears of a possible attack.

Reports say people in the building immediately started locking up their offices and ran out of the building. Bank workers also immediately closed their bank.

However, Mr. Ibrahim Ndakothe, the Sergeant-in-Arm of the National Assembly denied that this incident happened, claiming it was just a rumor.

“There is nothing like bomb scare, it is just a rumour. Those banks chose to close because we have assured them that there is nothing like that. It’s just mere rumour". 

Photos : President Jonathan visits Ibadan to felicitate with Olubadan, attends PDP rally in Kano

President Jonathan visits Ibadan to felicitate with Olubadan
 President Jonathan was in Ibadan, Oyo state today to felicitate with the Olubadan of Ibadan who clocked 100 years yesterday.

The President canceled his trip to Ibadan yesterday following the Nyanya bombing.

He was in Kano state earlier in the day to attend a PDP rally.

More photos below:

Photos from the rally below: